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What's your travel instinct?

13 Feb 2017


Travelling is an experience the most of the people tend to describe as an innate instinct, a desired aspiration, or simply a remedy from a hectic lifestyle.


How many times do you hear about people quitting their job to start travelling, or how travelling is the first answer coming to mind when we ask about someone's interests? And what about all those weekend city breaks we are continuously drawn to?


Derek Baron, in his blog, explores the idea of travelling as an innate instinct, focusing on the development of the travel instinct. Travel instinct is a need to make new experiences, indeed to spend time engaging and learning from novel stimuli and unexplored scenarios.


The awareness of this stimulus is not a granted thing, though. We sometimes feel the need to flee our daily routines, to restore and feel good. The parachute to this need is to plan a travel break that can fulfil this expectation.


Every travel begins at this exact moment: when the creation of expectation and the anticipation of our experience start taking shape in our imagination.


How many hours spent dreaming with open eyes about all the cool selfies we will take when drinking mojitos? We amplify this need perhaps scrolling the Instagram profiles of unknown people that seem to enjoy this stuff. But is it exactly how I will enjoy it too?

If I go to Paris and I spend the day taking photos of the Tour Eiffel from all possible angles or head to Venice for a gondola tour, am I going to meet my initial travel expectations? Is ticking the Top 10 must see list of every city really going to be enough to avoid feeling a sense of unsatisfied desires once back home?


We believe travel is far more than the Top 10 sights to visit. Sometimes, it's not even one of them!


Every individual is too unique to generalise over interests and preferences and each of us deserves to fulfil their travel instinct. So no more Top 10. It's time to travel, your way.



Thanks to research in the psychology and neuroscience fields, we are now able to understand ourselves a little better and make better, more satisfying choices, even when it comes to travel and city breaks. In fact,a large bulk of psychology papers has shown that our personality and behaviours are excellent predictable of our future choices, and performances.


Grumgo is taking this idea and applying it to improve the modern traveller's experience thanks to the use of artificial intelligence technology.


What will happen when the travel experience matches the travel expectation? 


Here at Grumgo, we worked hard in shaping the perfect answer to this very interesting question.


By using your individual features, your preferences, your unique footprint, you will teach Grumgo how to create the most bespoke itinerary and travel experience. Through machine learning technology, Grumgo will be dynamically active in engaging with you according to the parameters you will set up (Emotional, motivational and behavioural).


We need to accommodate our travel instinct; and now it's simpler than ever, with the support of technology.


Follow your travel instinct, Grumgo thinks about the rest!

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