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The hand luggage guide that your wallet wants you to read

12 May 2017

We all love a cheap ticket to Barcelona or Amsterdam but when you don't know the rules, that very same £9.99 ticket may end up costing you a fortune. If you are getting ready to take off for your first spring getaway, don't panic, we've got you covered! Here's all the info you need to board the plane with a smile and avoid bitter extra charges when travelling with major low-cost (and not so low-cost) airlines in Europe.



I'm a huge supporter of low-cost airlines. They made it possible for us to travel more often and see more places. For those of you who, like us at Grumgo, can't keep their feet still, the 6am flights and the tireless sales pitching flight attendants are totally worth the £9.99 price of the ticket. We all know the downsides of low-cost airlines (unless it's Norwegian, cause they are awesome!) from tiny leg space (I'm 5.11 feet and I still think I'm lucky I'm not claustrophobic) to the weirdest departure times. But for a couple of hours, we can endure all of that, right? Right...as long as our bargain ticket doesn't end up costing us like a transatlantic haul! 


We've put together a comprehensive list with rules and limitations from all major low-cost airlines in Europe. My suggestion is to save it on your Reading List and check it out every time you are getting ready to pack!


As of May 12, 2017




Alessia is co-founder and CEO here at Grumgo.

She is a travel fanatic, expert food taster and collector of every edition of The Little Prince.






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